Booking a Personal Travel Bubble

We’ve heard the term “travel bubble” in a multitude of contexts over the past 5 months. Originally, the term was used to describe agreements between neighboring countries or zones when it came to quarantine regulations. But as laws and limits fluctuate in response to COVID trends, travelers are redefining the term, bringing it closer to home and their personal traveling companions. A personal travel bubble is a small group of travelers who have committed to adventuring together. As a pod, this team will perform the required safety measures together, be it pre-departure health screenings, shared accommodations, or post-trip quarantines. While the title is “bubble” you probably already have this established group.

Here are three bubbles you may already be a part of:

The Family Bubble

This is probably the group we’re all most familiar with. This pod consists of parents, children, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents venturing out into the world together. This bubble usually has a big “family vacation” or a retreat on a semi-regular basis. This bubble is most likely the easiest to manage, as commitments and dedication to the safety processes are easier to monitor.

The Buddy Bubble

This group is made out of friends with common interests. You may have already taken a trip together, or at least daydreamed about some shared experiences on a remote beach. This bubble requires trust and commitment from members, as the health of the pod relies on all travelers adhering to the travel requirements necessary for a healthy and enjoyable trip.

The Hybrid-Bubble

This is where the family and buddy bubble cross paths. This pod is a mix of people across all areas of your life, who have dedicated themselves to enjoying a travel journey together.

Why a travel bubble?

Small group tours are often capped at maximum capacity. Club Adventures has small group tours with a minimum of six participants. Depending on the size of your bubble, you and your travel pod could book a whole tour group and minimize your exposure to other travelers from outside your personal and pre-existing exposure. Larger pod? Companies like Uncruise offer experiences for 30 travelers or more. But it doesn’t stop there. If we look at train travel, or tour companies operating with motor coaches, there is an opportunity for your pods to reserve cabins and spaces that keep your group together and minimize your exposure to other travelers.

When you book your bubble, you ensure you’re surrounded by friends and family. Together you can connect and explore, something that feels unique and familiar all at the same time.

Plan as a Bubble

Your bubble will need to commit to the rules established by the pod. You’ll want to give everyone a chance to say what’s on their mind, whether it is an assurance that everyone will quarantine for two weeks or the need to ask that everyone takes a COVID-19 test before embarking. It’s important to acknowledge that everyone has different risk tolerance levels right now—and that that’s okay. If you think that a member of the bubble is having trouble voicing their opinion or speaking up, pause and check in with that member. You can even offer multiple choice answers to draw a response out, like “Is this trip sounding safe to you, would you be interested in discussing more safety measures, or does it feel outside of your comfort zone?”

Your AAA Travel Agent is here to help too. With our team equipped with a choice of video conferencing tools, your agent can bring your pod together to discuss travel plans, custom bubble rules, and destination options that are right for you and your bubble. While there are uncertainties facing all of us, when we come together in our bubbles, the world feels like a safer place. To speak to a AAA Travel Agent, please call 1-800-222-7448.