COVID-19 and the New Travel Landscape

Written by Jennifer Dick, AAA Northeast Travel Agent

As a travel agent COVID-19 flipped my world upside down. Not just my world but the Travel Industry, along with my clients. Life as we knew it just stopped. Now some of the places I’ve visited, wrote about, and read about have also changed. Travel has changed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t travel again. Although COVID-19 changed everyone’s lives it has made me love being a travel agent even more than before. I’m helping people and making a difference in my client’s lives. I’m there for them every step of the way when booking a vacation, even when a worldwide pandemic hits.

As much as I love helping my clients, travelers can help the travel industry by re-booking vs. canceling. If you have a trip planned for 2020 and don’t feel confident proceeding with it, contact your travel agent and reschedule it for 2021. There are so many people’s livelihoods on the line that a rescheduled trip vs. flat out canceling one can save. By postponing vs canceling you are telling hotels, car rentals, tour and cruise operators, and more that you WILL use them just next year. This helps the people in charge know they will need their staff and hopefully keep layoffs lower.


When this mess first hit, I can’t tell you how many people that booked through online or with big box stores to save a few dollars – called AAA Travel for help because they were left STRANDED! With a Travel Agent, you have someone to have your back, who will work hours on end to make sure your helped, and won’t leave you stranded. Not only that, but my agency is making sure we all stay on top of industry changes and updates so that YOU stay informed.

It’s important to know that while things have changed, now is probably one of the best times to travel in terms of cleanliness. Think about it, hotels, car rentals, cruise and tour operators and others are investing in things like electrostatic sprayers, new filtration systems, and other CDC/WHO recommendations to ensure they meet clean and safe protocols. This is huge! Having worked as a housekeeper for a hotel in my early 20’s I am critical of cleanliness when I travel and knowing high touch items like throw pillow and key cards are going away, and electrostatic spray and new air filtration is coming makes me feel safer when I travel.

Remember that having a vacation or trip to look forward too will help with other side effects of this pandemic like depression and work from home stresses. Even if you just book a short drive trip or a staycation for now it is something to lift your mood and give you something HAPPY to look forward to.

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