“Travel Bubbles” and single-location tours for families

As AAA Travel mentioned in an earlier article, the rise of the “Travel Bubble” is here. Tour companies, families, and traveling friends are working together to design and embark on small group tours, with the possibility for a family or traveling companion group to secure the who trip for themselves. The demand for family trips over the last several months has grown, and Intrepid Travel has launched retreat-style, small-group tours that are based in a single location.

Intrepid’s four Family Retreats itineraries include trips for groups of up to 12 in Morocco’s Mt. Toubkal National Park, Turkey’s Mediterranean coast and England’s Cornish countryside. The trips are designed to enable groups to immerse themselves in one location in handpicked accommodations with nearby experiences. Intrepid said its new tour style “celebrates ‘slow travel’ and allows adventurers to engage with the surrounding communities away from the crowds and in a more controlled setting.”

Intrepid said theses family itineraries are the result of customer demand, with a quarter of the top 25 itineraries booked by its customers over the past three months have been family-themed tours, compared to just 12% during the same period last year. The top family trips booked are all based in Africa and Asia, such as the South Africa Family Safari with Teenagers and a family tour of Vietnam. North American families also appear interested in adventures in the Middle East, particularly Jordan and Egypt. Intrepid is also developing and preparing the launch of several family-focused tours within the U.S. and Canada later this year for those who aren’t yet ready to travel abroad.

This news follows on the tail of Club Adventures announcement to offer tours with a minimal group departure size of 6 travelers, allowing a family to book the entire tour for themselves. AAA Travel is pleased to share that Club Adventures will be joining the club on an upcoming SmartDepart Broadcast on Travel Bubbles and small group tours.

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