Global Entry fees on the rise!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has recently shared plans for changes to its Global Entry program. The changes could affect our nation’s three expedited entry programs, including Global Entry, the Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection program. These changes will have a direct impact on travelers, and their pocket-books.

Headlining the changes, the agency is looking to increase the fees associated with the Global Entry program to $120. Yes, this is a $20 increase from the current pricing model. The SENTRI fee would drop from the current $122.25 to $120, a decrease, but with minimal consumer benefit as NEXUS would increase from $50 to $120.

The new magic number is $120. With these new changes, each program is the same cost. These price changes would impact all new applicants and existing members upon renewal.

Once again, youth has its advantages. Travelers under the age of 18, who currently pay the same price as adults for a Global Entry membership, would be exempt from this fee if their parent or legal guardian has or concurrently applies for Global Entry.

While the proposed changes are announced, there has yet to be a confirmed start date. AAA members who have a Trusted Traveler program expiring in the next year might want to consider renewing now. If you have questions about this program, or about travel in general, contact your AAA Travel advisor. Together, you and your advisor can review your travel plans, examine regulations and protocols, and find a destination that feeds your travel needs. To speak with your advisor, please call 1-800-222-7448.