Introducing AAA Custom Journeys by Audley Travel: Specialized, Luxury Travel Around the World

Travel destinations, as well as tour operators and cruise partners, shift, innovate and further the “new normal” of the travel sphere. The industry is listening and understands every individual has preferences, expectations, and their own vision of travel moving forward. As equally as there is hope in what the future holds, there is also hesitation. The AAA Travel team understands what you have top of mind and is here to guide you in taking those first steps while identifying the personalized options that are available to you.

Within this category of customized experiences, AAA is proud to announce our new partnership with Audley TravelAudley itineraries are completely tailor-made to you; curated from destinations, sights, boutique accommodations and immersive activities of your choosing. Moments are ensured, the ones aside from the text in your itinerary, to be the unscripted souvenirs you remember. What makes this style of travel unique, is that backed and supported by AAA Travel advisors.

Wailea Beach from the Four Season Resort, Maui

Audley explorers enjoy the peace of mind knowing every detail of their trip was designed especially for them – their needs, and with a dedicated travel advisor in their corner. In discussions with travelers, we are seeing a profound shift toward smaller, bubble-based travel options. An overwhelming 79% of travelers have indicated that they will be traveling with a small group of friends or family who share the same views on health and safety. The ability to create individualized experiences and carve out something special for just you and yours creates for these meaningful moments.

Our AAA Travel Managing Director of Product, Partnerships & Innovation, Allison Villasenor, shares the anecdote:

“As an avid traveler myself, I am always keen to have things personally curated. Our upcoming trip to France with Audley Travel is built around my daughter’s love for baking, and my love for Monet. Together we will stay in a perfectly located, boutique hotel where we will feel truly Parisian. We will take a baking class, to perfect the art of macaroons, meet a local artist in Montmartre, and enjoy a walking tour with an expert local guide. Your trip to France may look completely different. My AAA Travel advisor worked closely with the team at Audley to craft these experiences based on our specific interests – focusing on those tiny details that will make all the difference.”

Trevi Fountain in Italy

Your unmatched dream vacation with Audley is calling. For you, it might include black car service from the airport and reservations at one of the city’s best restaurants, or a two-week tour of the medieval hilltop villages of Provence– the possibilities are endless. The Audley team and their connections scour the globe to find unique and special experiences, luxurious hotel properties and the best guides to make your customized trip unforgettable. Pair all of this with member benefits, and peace of mind that comes with AAA on your side.

The expertise of AAA Travel advisors and Audley are only a phone call away, ready to help you find and personalize the ‘someday’ you have been waiting for, today. Get started on your next journey by calling 1-800-222-7448.