Hurtigruten remains committed to preserving sustainable practices 

Hurtigruten recognizes that although cruises offer an unmatched experience to revel life onboard and take-in worldly sites, there is a harsh cost that presents an ongoing challenge in the industry. Cruise lines are not doing enough to address the negative environmental impacts of sailings. With over 300 cruise ships around the world, daily emissions from one ship while operating on heavy fuel oil can be equivalent to one million cars.

To combat climate change, innovation is necessary. Consumers are more aware of corporate social responsibility effortsSimply people want to support brands that align with their values. As a response, Hurtigruten has worked diligently to adapt and raise their standards, for the industry to follow. The company is mission-driven to “provide safe, unique, active and sustainable travel to create lifelong memories.” In tie to this drive, Hurtigruten remains committed to its goal of operating its ships completely emissions-free. 

As a first step towards change, Hurtigruten has introduced the world’s first hybrid-powered ship. This revolutionary invention will allow them to lead the world’s greenest expedition cruise fleet.  

For over 125 years, Hurtigruten has a history rooted in exploring some of the most remote, untouched corners of the world. Their expedition ships and itineraries offer this to the adventure travelers of today and the future, along with their latest sustainable innovations. These restructured, green ships are equipped with large battery packs to significantly cut emissions. In addition, cutting-edge green technology, improved exterior design, and other environmentally friendly solutions can be found? onboard.  

Aside from the ships themselves, Hurtigruten incorporates sustainable operations to protect wildlife and destinations visited. Guest experiences feature quality, immersive activities and educational opportunities to learn and add long-term value to the locations and seas explored. Respecting both the place and people is the cornerstone to Hurtigruten. They are actively speaking out again mass tourism that can cause exploitation and degradation of sites, nature and local communities. Hurtigruten maintains close cooperation with locals to ensure native people and species are respected in all areas of guest exploration.  

Learn more about Hurtigruten’s technologies and local sustainability measures and consider the environmentally ethical options available to you when booking your future cruise.  Your AAA Travel Advisor can help you develop a vacation that is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible. To speak with your AAA Travel advisor, call 1-800-222-7448.