AAA launches SMARTDEPART to keep members informed

AAA Travel understands the demand for accurate and timely information. As a trusted source of safety for millions of members, we have built our foundation on being there for people when they need help. In the spirit or our roots, we have branched out to offer SmartDepart, a video series, and travel information center that focuses on live, interactive travel discussions. Through SmartDepart, AAA members can keep people informed about local and statewide restrictions and updates, and receive information directly from travel industry leaders.

“Safety and advocacy have always been pillars of the AAA brand, but now with heightened sensitivity and constant changes in the travel and tourism industry, we want to make sure travelers have a simple and central resource to keep them informed. We are proud to offer SmartDepart, which offers our members a one-stop safety hub and the opportunity to connect with a travel professional who has been educated on the many diverse sources of information,” says Cyndi Zesk, Vice President of Travel Services at AAA Northeast. “We see it as our responsibility to be on the forefront of what’s next in travel, which today very much includes safe travel practices.”

Through LIVE panel discussions, members have direct access to submit questions to representatives of major travel corporations. Sessions have included guest speakers from Hertz, American Airlines, Princess Cruise Lines, and Marriott. Topics include safety response to the Coronavirus outbreak, personal safety while traveling, and what you can now expect from your cruise vacation.

AAA will also begin a SmartDepart Agent Certification program this summer, for all northeast travel advisors. The program will compile insights into the safety, cleaning, policy and amenity changes taking place in the industry, as well as the latest information around border closures, mandatory quarantines and destination preparation.

For more information, including upcoming broadcast dates and recorded, previously-aired episodes, please visit our SmartDepart page.