10 Family Travel Tips (And Where to Use Them)

Family vacations are legendary. We all have “that one trip” we remember, whether for the epic location or that moment dad fell off the dock and straight into the lake. AAA Travel wants every trip to be great, and in that spirit, we have gathered ten tips from a AAA Travel Insider for families looking to travel. We also have a few destinations and scenarios where they should be applied.

10 Family Travel Tips

Splurge on the SUV for a road trip. You’ll thank yourself once the kids and luggage are packed in. You’ll appreciate the extra space. Plus, with AAA member benefits, you can shave some costs when renting your next car.

But don’t pack too much. Many hotels and even cruises have guest laundry facilities. (Our insiders have been known to do laundry on the last day of vacation. Yes – I know. But it makes unpacking all the easier.)

Sunscreen! Because it’s expensive to purchase at the resorts and second-degree sunburns are a terrible way to ruin a vacation. With exclusive offers and AAA-only member benefits, AAA Travel has hundreds of resort opportunities available. Better get the waterproof bottle!

Charger blocks: The more kids, the more devices. Charger blocks ensure all of them are juiced up. But don’t forget to encourage all your family to unplug once you arrive at your destination. Perhaps the sights of Costa Rica will be the motivation they need to step away from the screens.

Colorful duct tape. This is for two things: 1. Makes a great activity for kids on a plane. 2. Marking your luggage – this way you can tell your rolling suitcase from the other identical ones.) Did you know you can book a flight through AAA Travel?

Don’t overcomplicate your itinerary. You may want to check off all the sights on your list but when kids are involved sometimes its best to plan some downtime. In fact, sometimes having someone else do all the planning is even better! Let a AAA Travel Advisor plan your whole trip with you, downtime included.

Involve the kids when planning. Sometimes kids will surprise you in their vacation choices. Case in point: one of our insiders was all packed for a cruise to the Bahamas. Unfortunately, it was a very active hurricane year and her tropical cruise turned into a coastal Canada adventure. At first she thought all was lost but her daughter was unfazed (Canada is where Wolverine is from in the comics so it MUST be cool.) Best cruise ever. Canada or the Caribbean, Europe or Alsaka, AAA Travel has hundreds of itineraries to explore.

Sea bands bracelets. Just in case. Our insider found out the hard way that one of her children gets car sick… at 9:30 pm, while on her way over the George Washington Bridge.

When planning a road trip, plan for more stops to limit driving times. Some of the best road trip memories we have as a kid were the side stops “on the way”. Our AAA Travel insider shared her dad was famous for stopping places “just to say we were there.” No Instagram needed. AAA didn’t invent the road, but we’ve been there from the beginning. Let us find the perfect road trip for you.

Pack a few old-school paper maps or an atlas from your local AAA branch. Kids love exploring the travel possibilities while on the road.

Did you know?

Working with a AAA travel advisor makes planning your next trip easier than ever. No matter the destination that catches your eye, allow a AAA Travel advisor to help you plan the getaway you deserve, today. Be sure to ask for the AAA Triple Check.

AAA Triple Check Certified Agents review itineraries and ensure that travelers are ready for their journey and understand the road ahead.  Agents compare travel plans against the AAA COVID-19 impact map, which highlights areas under restrictions for travel across the United States. Here, agents will inform members on how their plans could possibly be impacted by travel regulations.

But the review doesn’t end with COVID-19 navigations. Triple Check Agents will also assure members are aware of AAA Diamond-rated experiences along their journey. This includes rated and reviewed hotels, rental cars, and preferred partners who are available to make your vacation even more memorable. In addition, the review will dive deep into savings and add-ons, checking for AAA member exclusive pricing, rebates, future travel credits, and more. Your AAA membership entitles you to these perks and benefits, and AAA Travel is dedicated to finding you every opportunity to utilize these features and benefits.

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