Explorations from Home: Mexico and Punta Cana

Awe-inspiring resorts set on powdery sands on sprawling Mexican coastlines. Darling coastal villages, where fútbol is played by youngsters on the same streets Aztec, Incan, and Mayan warriors once strode. Or perhaps you long to feel the trade winds that breathe softly into the Dominican's lush rainforests and over mountain peaks. Palms rising majestically out of sparkling white beaches. Escape to a time and place a world away, with colonial architecture on romantic estates or resorts that provide modern luxury at its finest.

Travel Impressions and AAA Travel invite you to join us for a spotlight broadcast on what makes a vacation to Mexico and Punta Cana so special. Learn about all-inclusive resorts, the local beaches, culinary scenes and more. With the Hard Rock resorts offering up to 62% off their all-inclusive rates, now may be the best time to plan our next escape.


Countries Welcoming American Travelers

Not all hope is lost for those looking to travel in 2020. Travel Pulse recently compiled 17 countries opening their borders to Americans this summer. There are conditions that must be met to visit. Here is a breakdown of locations and requirements.