Alaska Updates COVID Testing Requirements

Alaska has been one state that seems to have COVID contained, in comparison to more densely populated regions of the United States. In fact, the state holds some of the lowest numbers of COVID-19 cases in the country. Even though Alaska is ready to welcome visitors, it is with an abundance of necessary caution. This now includes a COVID-19 test, with negative results prior to arrival. The magic number to keep in mind is “72”. If testing was conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival, and the results are negative, a second test will not be required. However, if the testing was conducted between 72-plus hours and five days prior to departure,  Alaska officials are requiring a second test and travelers will need to minimize interactions until they receive the results.

Anyone arriving without being tested can receive a test in Alaska but must be quarantined at their own expense for 14 days or until they receive negative results.

Testing may be a small price to pay, as travelers will find many of Alaska’s accommodations, tours, and attractions are open. Alaska is home to wide-open spaces and natural beauty that enables social distancing. Alaska is also the location of various national and state parks. These settings offer opportunities to stay socially distanced at campgrounds, remote lodges and vast resorts.

What to know upon your arrival to Alaska:

When you arrive, look for greeters who will assist you through the process and be prepared with the proper documentation:

  • Travel Declaration Form
    Have a printed copy of your completed declaration form. Anchorage-bound travelers should fill out the Mandatory Declaration Form for Interstate Travelers at Test results will also be returned electronically through this private and confidential website.

  • Provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test
    If you were tested before you traveled – which is your best bet to avoid delays or quarantine – have a printed copy of your negative test results attached to your declaration form.

  • Testing in Alaska
    If you didn’t get a test before you traveled, Alaska has some testing available for interstate travelers, but cannot guarantee availability. If you do get tested here, you are required to go directly to your quarantine location until you receive negative results or for 14-days. The test you need to get is a PCR swab test. Depending on the location and available resources, some test results may return relatively quickly or within a few days while others may take up to five days or longer. Children under the age of two do not need to receive a test to avoid quarantine.

  • Testing is not guaranteed
    Although the state continues to expand testing capacity, testing for travelers coming from outside of Alaska is subject to availability. For this reason, travelers are strongly encouraged to obtain a test prior to travel and/or have a contingency plan that includes completing a 14-day quarantine if the state is unable to provide a test at arrival.

  • In the event of a positive COVID-19 test
    If you test positive in Alaska, you must isolate at your own expense for 14 days or until a public health official clears you for traveling.

  • Lodging expenses
    Each traveler is responsible for their own expenses while in quarantine or isolation, including lodging.

  • If no one is there to greet you
    If no one is there to greet you when you arrive in Alaska, please email for directions on how to comply with the requirements of Health Mandate 10.

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