“Spotlights” tours shine light into destinations

Imagine yourself in Paris, ending a morning sipping a coffee in a corner cafe. Or maybe you’re in the Tuscan countryside, ending a day of exploration by greeting the sunset as it slips below a rolling vineyard. With a wide selection of “Spotlights” tours, you just may find yourself in New York City, ready for your second Broadway show or even down in Nashville, being serenaded by the sounds of up-and-coming country stars. Wherever you are, make sure to have your walking shoes and a sense of adventure.

Spotlights tours are designed to immerse you into one locale and show you what life is truly like there. You’ll see the favorite attractions and also well-kept local secrets. No one offers fully immersive experiences quite like AAA Member Choice Vacations, which has designed itineraries in some of the world’s greatest cities, to help you and your fellow travelers soak up everything about the region, its people, and its way of life. These travel opportunities are designed to plant you in the heart of a city, and take you on breathtaking excursions that show you all these legendary cities have to offer.

Yes, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New York City, and Buckingham Palace in London are just some of the iconic sights you can expect to see on a Spotlights tour. And while your Tour Manager will handle all the details of daily adventures, built-in downtime is built into every vacation so that you can explore the city any way you choose. On these getaways, which range anywhere from five to nine days, you get to travel at a more leisurely pace, while mixing guided tours with hidden gems and free time jaunts in the city. You can make your trip as unique as you are, and you may find yourself exploring on your own in no time flat.

With an inviting mix of international and domestic destinations, you can choose Spotlights travel for your dream European vacation or to see parts of the U.S. you haven’t yet experienced – without having to pack and unpack every other morning. The vacations even have activity level rankings that can help you decide based on how much built-in downtime you want during your stay.

Currently, AAA Members are taking advantage of the following benefits when booking Spotlights

Special Offers and Member Benefits:

  • Spotlights Tours – unpack once! Same hotel for the entirety of the trip
  • $50 per person member benefit savings
  • $50 per person optional excursion credit
  • New! $20 USD off a ride with Uber on all U.S. Spotlights Tours
  • 24/7 Member Care
  • Best Price Guarantee

AND when you purchase round-trip air, you’ll enjoy home to airport sedan service! It’s the perfect way to begin and end your getaway 

Three Top Tours Members are Booking Today: 

Spotlight on Paris

Revel in the allure of Paris on this tour, which includes its spectacular sights, history, architecture, art, and — of course — fine food and wine.

  • Starting from $1,999pp (land-only, double occupancy)
  • 7 days, 8 meals
  • Activity Level: 4

Spotlight on New York City

Experience the best of “the Big Apple” from Little Italy to Greenwich Village. Start spreading the news!

  • Starting from $1,799pp (land-only, double occupancy)
  • 5 days, 5 meals
  • Activity Level: 3

Spotlight on Tuscany

Discover the rolling hills of Tuscany as you take a relaxing sojourn through the vineyards, medieval towns, and enchanting cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa, and San Gimignano.

  • Starting from $1,549pp (land-only, double occupancy)
  • 9 days, 10 meals
  • Activity Level: 3

With dozens of tours, there are options across the United States and Europe!



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