The Gift of Travel

The holiday giving season is here and with supply challenges and shipping drama, giving the gift of travel is a simple solution that will be sure to please. Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face like the gift of travel.  

With a little thought, giving a travel gift can be easy.  


There’s no doubt that we’ve all missed traveling and so many of us are looking forward to that next great adventure. Unwrapping a trip as a holiday gift is magic for your loved one. If you’ve been talking about a vacation to Disney, now is the time. If you’ve been considering a specific trip and want to make it a holiday surprise, our team can help ensure you get the best value for your investment. Travel memories last a lifetime. 


If you know that there is an upcoming trip planned add to the excitement by booking tickets to an event, an excursion or experience, or an upgrade. This is a fantastic way to make someone’s travel even better! Imagine your gift of a photography session during their upcoming family vacation or the added thrill of knowing that you gifted the afternoon spent ziplining through the jungle.  


AAA Travel vouchers allow you to plan a trip along with your loved one or simply let them choose what’s best for them. Travel vouchers are excellent gifts for newlyweds planning a honeymoon or someone celebrating a milestone next year, plus these vouchers don’t expire and are one size fits all! 

EVEN BETTER: For a limited time, purchase a $500 vacation voucher and receive $100 in travel credit for yourself!


10 tips on how to surprise with the gift of travel 

  1. Start simple. Wrap vacation vouchers, tickets, or itinerary in a gift box or shadow box. Or for even more of a wow factor, drop the travel documents or voucher into a new piece of travel gear. A carry-on, travel backpack or passport wallet.  
  2. Deck the halls with luggage tags. For a subtle surprise, hang some new luggage tags with travel vouchers inside from the tree or on the mantle.  
  3. Involve the Elf on the Shelf. Is your Elf a world traveler? Perhaps he’s a travel advisor. Get the Elf involved with a travel-themed setup.  
  4. Frame a map. Wrap a subtle keepsake hint of the destination by dropping a map of your destination in a photo frame. Or, stop by a AAA branch for a TripTik if a road trip is in your plans.   
  5. Timewarp. If you’re returning to a place you’ve traveled to before use a sentimental photo from that trip. You can digitally add the date of your next adventure!  
  6. Taste test. Whether you’re headed to Japan, Nashville or NYC, a take-out order of the food from your destination is a great hint!  
  7. Start the Travel Journal. For the crafty…Start a scrapbook for the person – leave room for lots of pictures 
  8. Let the Countdown Begin. The waiting is the hardest part – so why not make it fun. Set a countdown clock (for as little as $15 on Amazon) with the date and time of your adventure.  
  9. Wear it on your sleeve. Especially popular with family vacations and reunions, order custom T-shirts with the family name and destination (The Smith Family Disney vacation). Not only is it a fun keepsake but it will help identify your crew in big crowds.  
  10. The plastic-wrap surprise reveal. This is a fun one for all ages. The idea is to create a giant ball of plastic wrap and within each layer a small prize is hidden, and, in the center, the biggest prize is hidden. You can add items or hints to the ball that relate to the destination you are headed with the center being the big reveal! 

Tips to make it even more memorable:  

  • Be sure to film it for the reaction. Include it in the vacation highlight reel. 
  • Make sure you know the passport status of everyone going and leave enough time to process renewals or new applications. The standard wait time is 8-11 weeks and expedited is 5-7 weeks. 
  • Know vaccination requirements. Requirements change frequently and vary by destination so it is best to be prepared. AAA travel advisors can help guide you on the destination’s requirements for vaccinations and testing. 
  • And finally, but not as exciting, be sure to include travel insurance. Travel insurance will give you peace of mind and protect your investment so you can focus on forging memories and not worry about the “what if.”