AAA Travel advisors are prepping members for 2021 adventures

With more and more Americans receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, there is an emerging hope that travel options will widen, both domestically and abroad. However, what members will experience as they navigate the travel landscape will look very different compared to the last time they took a vacation. Most of us have had a full year of mandatory mask policies, especially on all forms of public transportation. In addition to planes, buses and trains, each state has its own restrictions on where and when masks must be worn. Outside the United States, there is a waving fluctuation in mask policies and enforcement.

Many of our travel advisors are helping members plan road trips, Florida getaways, and springtime trips to the Caribbean.  Whether you’re eyeing a long weekend in New Hampshire or a week-long stay in Aruba, additional planning and preparation to understand and adhere to local quarantine protocols are important.

“The entire travel experience has been transformed by COVID-19. If you’re considering travel sometime this year, it’s more important than ever to do your due diligence ahead of any trip to ensure it is safe and enjoyable,” AAA Travel senior vice president Paula Twidale said. “As vaccines help boost consumer confidence to begin traveling again, we have to remember that wearing masks and social distancing is still a requirement.”

Consumer mindset has shown many travel-hungry members view the vaccine as a key component to stepping out on vacation.

“Vacations are an investment in memory making. COVID-19 reminded us that safeguarding those investments, where possible, is important,” Twidale continued. “We recommend anyone considering making a trip seek the expertise of a trusted travel agent. They are an invaluable resource for travelers navigating evolving travel and public health guidelines.”

AAA members have access to travel advisors through their membership. In fact, your AAA membership grants you exclusive travel pricing, discounts, upgrades, and more. The key to understanding all your membership offers, plus navigating the current travel environment starts with your AAA Travel advisor. Together with your advisor, you can review an itinerary, understand policies, and discover travel opportunities adhering to proper cleaning techniques designed to keep guests safe. AAA Advisors are up to date on industry standards, and know which flights have food and drink services being altered, or if a carrier is limiting flight capacities and blocking middle seats to allow for social distancing.

Advisors can answer questions related to travel insurance options, which destinations and attractions are open, testing and quarantine requirements, and more.

Make an appointment with an advisor to review your travel plans and options, after all, it is included in your membership.