AAA Launches Real-Time COVID-19 Restriction Map

As all 50 states are in some way or another dipping their toes into reopening their economies, AAA Travel wants to help you navigate this new world of self-quarantines, restrictions and permissions.

With help from our friends at Esri, we are proud to offer an interactive map that lets are members view the latest coronavirus-related restrictions in each state and locality. Individual states have a range of checkpoints and border changes that can feel overwhelming to understand if you’re not from the area. Easily searchable and optimized for mobile screens, this is the perfect tool to help you plan and navigate your summer road trips.

With the ability to overlay COVID-19 case data over the various regions and counties of the U.S, you can verify whether or not you’ll be driving into a case-heavy area and make informed decisions on whether to venture further or to take a detour.

As lockdowns and stay-at-home orders expire, we know our members will start roaming the country. We encourage everyone to rediscover America and remain committed to offering you real-time, accurate assistance in navigating our roads as you start your summer adventures. This map relies on official data sources like the CDC and World Health Organization, as well as national, state, and local governments and Departments of Transportation.

We recommend talking with your AAA Travel Agent about COVID restrictions and how they may impact your summer travel plans. To speak to a AAA Travel Counselor call 1-800-222-7448.

Book mark the map for easy access!