Create Your Perfect Family Beach Week

One of the classic summer vacations is a family trip to the beach or shore. The calming roll of the waves, chilling on the beach, playing in the rejuvenating water, and hanging out as a family sunning and gunning. Here are some ideas to ensure a fun and low-stress beach vacation for everyone.

Whenever possible, we stay within walking distance of the beach. A short walk to and from the beach is good for everyone! If you forget something, need to use the bathroom, run out of snacks, have nap time for the kids, it’s super easy to walk back to where you’re staying for whatever you need.

Our favorite thing to do on any vacation is explore everything locally, from eating to shopping. Check out the grocery stores and markets to stock the beach house. Find the local restaurants for lunches and dinners out to try out the regional cuisines. Discovering cool beach shops for souvenirs is always a highlight. And don’t forget ice cream from the ice creamery. Picking up the local guidebook is a great way to scope out all the options.

Spending a day or afternoon doing an activity off the beach is a great way to keep everyone engaged. Whether it’s the local putt-putt miniature golf, bike rental, boat rental, or visiting the local lighthouse, find the fun local family activity to do.

In addition to playing in the water and riding the waves, we make sure to have beach games and activities to keep the kids entertained.

For the nights you’re not out to dinner or on the beach, it’s fun to have theme nights in. We often wind up with many Game Nights. Play board games or charades with the kids before bedtime, then bring out the adult games. Movie Nights are always entertaining whether you rent online summer classics or bring some of your favorites. So, pop the popcorn, open the candy and push play.  Plan a Classic BBQ Grill Out Night complete with s’mores making. We also love to do a local fresh seafood night; often, it’s an easy and delicious shrimp boil.

In our excitement to finally enjoy the beach and the sun – we often overdo it—especially when visiting a destination beach. The sun can burn you much faster in tropical environments. Pay attention to the UV amounts (most weather apps can inform you). Use Sunscreen, sunblock, hats, sun shirts, UV protecting umbrellas. There’s nothing worse than overdoing it in the sun and being uncomfortable for the rest of the trip.

Be sure to follow lifeguards’ instructions and pay attention to things like big waves and strong currents. Most likely, there will be signage at the entrance to the beach area to inform you of the day’s conditions. And watch the weather for any storm warnings.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy. We find that having a plan going into the beach week makes it fun for everyone and ensures reading and relaxation time for the adults.

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