Need to Know COVID-19 Info and Testing Sites in the Northeast

As the circumstances surrounding the pandemic continue to evolve, the most pressing questions remain on the minds of many. How do I know if I should get tested? And where do I go? The overarching piece of advice, if you are unsure, is to take the test as a precautionary measure. As the number of Coronavirus cases varies by stateas do governmental guidelines. It is better to be equipped with a negative test result, in order to travel safely in domestic areas. The information provided by your state department of health is aligned with accredited sources like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 

3 Steps before planning to take a Covid-19 test:  

  1. Take a self-assessment – to understand the risk factors and the next steps. 
  2. Talk to a healthcare provider – you may be able to coordinate a doctor’s order if necessary.  
  3. Schedule a test – it is not recommended to walk-in without an appointment.  

Although getting a test is encouraged, kits are limited in some locations. When you make an appointment, providers are able to prepare ahead of time and assist you properly upon arrival. Always check for a confirmation email after registering, or call to speak with a representative that can confirm. 

Clarify what kind of test you need. If you are experiencing symptoms, consult a healthcare provider or refer to online resources administered by your state for what to do next. For high-contact workers, it is recommended to book an asymptomatic test. In medicinal fields, asymptomatic refers to a patient that is a carrier for a disease or infection but experiences no symptoms. High-contact workers, people who have recently attended a large gathering (i.e. protest, demonstration, congested crowds), and those who have recently traveled to a place where cases are spiking, should take this type of Covid-19 test. High-contact workers include first responders, childcare workers, trainers, barbers, health professionals, restaurant workers, public transit workers, and positions with strangers in close proximity. 

Find your state below for local testing sites in the Northeast region 

Rhode Island 

Test Site Locator for people with Covid-19 symptoms. 

The Rhode Island Department of Health also developed an excel spreadsheet with information on testing sites for eligible Rhode Islanders who are asymptomatic.  

New Hampshire  

The state of New Hampshire released a graphic that outlines community-based Covid-19 testing options. 

Follow the links below for additional testing guidance and locations by state or town. 



As of August 18, COVID testing sites are not available in the following regions: Dukes, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Suffolk. Learn more here.  

New Jersey 

New York 

As you prepare to travel, understanding the COVID restrictions and regulations impacting your destination is critical. AAA Travel Agents have undergone SmartDepart Certifications, having completed a training course in understanding and monitoring real-time impacts Coronavirus has on global destinations. Together with your AAA Travel Agent, you can review your itineraries to ensure you are taking the needed steps for a safe and enjoyable travel experience. To speak with an agent, please call 1-800-222-7448.