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A Moment with Our "King of Hawaii"

After 30 visits to Hawaii, Bruce Hebert has knowledge to share! Learn how to make the most of your Hawaiian vacation as Bruce discusses the islands, locations and people of the Aloha Spirit.

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Disney During COVID-19!

This roundtable discussion brings recent Disney World visitors together to look at the changes the parks have made to keep the magic of Disney healthy and fun.

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AAA Travel Advisors Are Out There!

Our Network of AAA Travel Advisors has seen every corner of the world. Together, they share the details and ways AAA members can make the most of their travel. Each article is written by a member of AAA Travel, with one goal in mind: Sharing their knowledge.

SmartDepart Behind the Scenes: Flying American Airlines American Airlines offers AAA Travel a tour of Logan Airport Ready to take to the skies? With so many AAA members preparing to travel, American Airlines invited our team to tour the AA…

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How Walt Disney World Parks® has evolved in 2021

Guest written by Felicia Troy, AAA Travel Advisor in Massachusetts. My name is Felicia Troy, and I am a AAA Travel advisor, plus a Disney enthusiast! I visited Walt Disney World back in October 2020 to see how the travel landscape had…

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A moment with our “King of Hawaii”

It is safe to say that AAA Travel advisor Bruce Hebert is our resident “King of Hawaii.” Bruce has been to the Hawaiian Islands over 30 times, with each trip offering him a new and exciting way to experience the Aloha Spirit. For many,…

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Hurtigruten remains committed to preserving sustainable practices 

Hurtigruten recognizes that although cruises offer an unmatched experience to revel life onboard and take-in worldly sites, there is a harsh cost that presents an ongoing challenge in the industry. Cruise lines are not doing enough to…

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Behind the scenes at TF Green

Guest Written by Joanne Monahan, Director of Travel Sales Centers and Training for AAA Northeast I had the pleasure of visiting TF Green Airport in Rhode Island for a behind the scenes look at how this popular travel hub is responding to…

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My COVID-19 Mexican Vacation

Guest Written by Osvaldo Vazquez, AAA Travel Advisor in New York. My goal has always been to recommend destinations and vacations that I have personally experienced to my travel clients. With COVID-19 impacting the world, clients have come…

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Getting to Disney! What to expect as you head to Florida

“What is it like out there?” I am asked this exact question multiple times a day. People want to know what it is like to travel right now, how are the airports, hotels, and destinations. I decided to look for myself, and recently took a…

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How COVID-19 changed Disney dining

Guest written by Felicia Troy, AAA Travel Advisor in Massachusetts. I love Disney, that’s no secret. I couldn’t help but wonder how COVID-19 would impact a visit to the happiest place on Earth. As a AAA Travel Advisor, I take pride in…

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Walt Disney World During COVID

Guest Written by Felicia Troy, AAA Travel Advisor in Massachusetts. Walt Disney World is known as the happiest place on Earth. Having been to the park several times I must agree. There is something genuine about. It’s a place where…

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