Welcome to KeeKee's Corner!

Knowing travel is such an essential part of a child’s education, AAA Travel is so excited to introduce you and your family to KeeKee, the globe-trotting calico kitty on a mission to spark curiosity and inspire an appreciation for the people, places, and cultures of our great big wonderful world!

The story of KeeKee started with the award-winning children’s picture book series, KeeKee’s Big Adventures. Now, we’re thrilled to bring you KeeKee as the loveable tour guide for kids. Together we will help you foster the love of travel in your children through engaging content, fun activities, and global education.

We want to help you and your family dream, plan, and get the most out of your travel adventures together. Engaging the kids in the vacation planning process and keep them delighted during the family vacation creates a more fun and fulfilling trip for the whole family.

Get to Know KeeKee

It all started one bright and sunny day in Seattle, Washington when a family decided to adopt a kitty…

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Explore the world with KeeKee

What destination is right for your family? Let KeeKee share her experiences with you, form classic beach vacations to European excursions, KeeKee trots the globe to bring back stories and insights for families planning their next great vacation.

Create Your Perfect Family Beach Week

One of the classic summer vacations is a family trip to the beach or shore. The calming roll of the waves, chilling on the beach, playing in the rejuvenating water, and hanging out as a family sunning and gunning. Here are some ideas to…

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Get the Whole Family Involved in Vacation Planning

Get the whole family involved in your vacation planning! No matter where you're going or for how long, having your children involved and selecting what to do is a great way to get them even more excited about the trip and engaged in the…

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Alaska Family Vacation Adventures

Alaska’s wilderness and wildlife provide incredible family vacation adventures, from humpback whales and grizzly bears to glaciers and northern lights. Alaska, the 49th state, is twice the size of Texas and consists of five distinct…

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Why Cruising is a Great Family Vacation Adventure

A cruise is a great family vacation adventure any time of year! For starters, you can visit several destinations (or ports-of-call) on a cruise, and you only need to unpack once. Everything is taken care of for you and your whole family.…

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Ireland Family Adventures

Forts and castles, falconry and Vikings, shamrocks and leprechauns, cliffs and rolling green hills can all be part of your family’s Emerald Isle adventure. Ireland is a great international destination for families. It's incredibly laid…

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Join us for KeeKee’s Big Adventures at Sea!

Ahoy, Families! You’re invited aboard the first-ever KeeKee’s Big Adventures at Sea ocean cruise July 9 – 16, 2023, on Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas®, the newest vessel in their fleet and the world's biggest ship! Join KeeKee for an…

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Make the Most of Your Family’s Summer Vacations

Summer vacations are an exciting time of year for the whole family. It’s when your family bonds and makes memories that last a lifetime. If you pause to think about it, you only have around eighteen summer vacations with your kids, so…

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Family Vacations in Our National Parks

Most Americans live within 100 miles of a National Park, with at least one in every state, so you don’t have to travel far to explore them. And many parks have programs geared especially for kids. These tremendous American treasures all…

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About KeeKee’s Big Adventures

It all started one bright and sunny day in Seattle, Washington. Shannon and Paul decided to adopt a kitty. There she was, sleeping in the back of her crate, with classical music playing at the Seattle Humane Society. All you could see was…

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