Make the Most of Your Future Travel Credits

Whether you have future travel credits through AAA or direct from a cruise, hotel or tour, AAA Travel advisors are here to help. That’s right, even if you didn’t use AAA to make your original travel booking, our advisors can ensure your credits reach their maximum potential. With your advisor, your credits, itineraries, and AAA member benefits are reviewed to ensure your vacation is everything you dream of, at the cost you expected! When things go wrong on the road, we’re the first place to call. Now let us help you with your vacation – all backed by the value, guidance, and peace of mind that a AAA membership affords.

It all starts with a conversation. Find your advisor and book a travel credit review. Is email easier? Click here to email our travel team.

Hot topics AAA Members want to know about when it comes to Future Travel Credits:

I didn’t book through AAA Travel, but you can still help me?
You better believe it! Our advisors will not only review the terms of your original booking but will search and add any AAA member benefits that apply to your itineraries, stays, transports and more. It’s all part of our AAA Triple check.

Can AAA Travel apply my credits to future AAA vacations?
Every travel credit is different. That’s why we recommend you don’t go it alone! Many travel companies will accept your travel credit as the deposit payment for your next trip, and our advisors will review the terms and conditions based on your specific travel credit with you.

What if my new vacation costs less than my total credit?
While the majority of tour companies and cruise lines will hold your unused credit, allowing you to apply it towards your next trip, you’ll want to review these terms and conditions with your AAA Travel advisor.

Will my credits expire?
Yes. Most travel credits do have a “use by” date. This hard deadline, plus a reduced inventory on available booking dates means you will want to speak with your AAA Travel advisor sooner than later. Booking early provides you with more flexibility for your travel dates and helps prevent the frustrations caused by your preferred days selling out.

 Remember, you don’t have to figure this all out on your own. AAA Travel is one of the nation’s longest-lasting travel agencies. With decades of experience, our team can help you explore all booking options available to you, whether it’s a future travel credit, a cruise voucher, or a refund. When you’re ready to re-book, our team is here to check that all AAA member benefits you are eligible for are included on your vacation. Even if you haven’t booked with us in the past, we can help you with your future.

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