A Life-Changing Trip – How Guided Travel Made More Than Just Her Travel Dreams a Reality

At the heart of every adventure is a traveler and their experience.

Travel connects us to new people, cultures, and places. It pushes us outside of our comfort zone into new, sometimes challenging situations, where we are rewarded with incredible memories, bonds with the people we experienced them with, and a new view of the world.

Providing these experiences is why were are here at AAA Travel. Our members are at the center of everything we do, and we strive to ensure our members are connected to the best and most rewarding travel experiences possible.

Recently, AAA member Sheyna Medina, boldly went on her first guided tour with Club Adventures! With her AAA Travel advisor, Kim Orenberg, she was able to go on the Western USA National Parks Loop. This tour highlights its National Parks, and landmarks like the Grand Canyon.

So many things stand out about her travel story. This was Sheyna’s first real travel experience – one she went on solo, no less! A big, bold trip like this can be daunting, but it really highlights why this Club Adventures guided tour was perfect for her.

Booking this guided tour with Kim, her AAA Travel advisor, meant that she was ensured that everything was taken care of, from flights to finding the best tour for her. As well, a guided tour meant that Sheyna did not have to worry about things like lodging or transportation.

Taking a guided tour from Club Adventures means you’ll have a local guide that knows your destination inside and out, making sure you’ll get close to the culture, community, and history. The average group size of a Club Adventure tour is 10 people, so you will get to know each one of your fellow adventurers and form friendships that last a lifetime.

Her tour guide was experienced and had a local background, which made sure her itinerary was packed with some of the best things to do, all informed by her guide’s connection to the local culture, community, and history. She was able to see, hike, climb, and see incredible sights that she otherwise may not have had the chance to if she planned a trip on her own.

Perhaps most of all, even as a first-time solo traveler, she had the kind of trip where she and her group began as strangers but ended as family. She now has the itch to travel that she can’t wait to scratch!

Read on to get the full details of Sheyna’s story.

I wanted to thank you for the best vacation I’ve ever been on! I had so much fun and it really did light a flame under me to want to travel again on my own someday. 

Zion was absolutely stunning! We did the Narrows Hike walking through the river. The water was so refreshing on our skin, especially in 115-degree weather! 

The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon were truly out of this world. They felt so majestic and it was a challenging hike that I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish without my group by my side as support. Most of us were struggling this day but we were all each other’s cheerleaders. We helped to motivate one another and it was such a beautiful feeling of accomplishment when we made it back to the top together!

Kayaking on Lake Powell was my favorite day! We found a beautiful little alcove to eat our picnic lunch! After eating, we went swimming around the alcove. I even was able to drink from a Natural Spring off the cliffside. It was so cold and refreshing. It felt like paradise on Earth! 

Afterward we headed to the Horseshoe Bend and it was breathtaking! It was cool to see some campers at the bottom of the Horseshoe Bend (you can barely see them in this picture).

The guided trip to the Navajo Nation was also really neat. It was nice to hear about their culture and watch the land untouched by mankind. The Navajo Tacos we ate afterward were super delicious! 

Our last night we went to the Grand Canyon to have Pizza by the sunset. Unfortunately because of the monsoons, it was a bit hazy so it was difficult to see both the canyon as well as the sunset. Although it was foggy, it still was really fun quality time with the group! 

Our last morning, the majority of the group, myself included, opted in for the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. It felt so large and beautiful! So beautiful, I cried while pondering the whole experience (the song ‘Dust in the Wind’ by Kansas was playing)!

They were both tears of joy and sadness, as there was a bittersweet feeling with the trip coming to an end. It felt good to finally be returning home soon. It also felt sad because I didn’t want the trip to end!

I also was thinking about how we all started in the beginning as strangers but ended the trip as friends. These people truly felt like family that week! We were all there to support one another in all sorts of unforgettable situations!

I really did have the best trip I’ve ever had! I absolutely recommend that trip to anyone! When I returned home my friends told me I was glowing! I want to go back to those beautiful places someday, perhaps with my family next time. I would love to share the experience with them!

I can not thank you enough for everything you have done to make this trip happen for me! I am forever grateful! It was a 10/10 trip! I certainly will be going to you again when I have any future travel inquiries.

Are you inspired to head out on your own adventure? Reach out to your AAA Travel advisor to get going today!

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