Touring is Key to Exploring – Why Carol Has Been on More Than Forty Guided Tours

The saying goes, “when it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” For AAA member Carol, that’s certainly been the case for her and exploring the world with guided tours from Trafalgar.

Carol is a 78-year-old retired high school English teacher who has made it her mission to see our amazing world. She chooses to travel solo but never finds herself truly alone in her Trafalgar tour groups.

From India and Vietnam to Germany and Ireland, to Peru and Egypt, Carol is an incredibly well-traveled individual. Let’s hear from her about why she travels and where is next on her bucket list.

Where do you think your love for travel started? 

My love of travel started in childhood thanks to my curious nature. I always wanted to explore new roads, new neighborhoods, and the woods where I played with friends. When I was young I even varied my routes walking home from school.

Do you have a favorite destination, country, or Trafalgar travel experience?

When people ask about my favorite trip or spot I’ve encountered while traveling I tell them I’ve loved them all for different reasons. I loved the ancient ruins and the architecture of Egypt, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Italy. I loved the breathtaking locales of Antarctica, Peru, and the fjords of Scandinavia. Overall, I love the unique culture you find around the world.

Taking 40 tours is an amazing milestone! How frequently do you join tours as a Trafalgar guest? 

I usually take three or four tours annually, but I have taken as many as six in one year. I am retired but I still work as a substitute teacher at a high school between my travels.

Why do you choose to join a guided tour – with Trafalgar or our sister brands – for your travels?

I prefer to take guided tours because someone else does the planning for all aspects of the trip, except for the optional experiences. I find guided tours are a great way to meet other people (especially if you are single) and socialize. I truly believe I could never see as much traveling on my own, plus I feel safer traveling with a group than traveling solo.

Who do you travel with? 

I do most of my travel solo, but in the past years, I have taken three tours with another retired colleague and three tours with a female fellow Trafalgar guest that I met while touring Ireland.

Your 40th tour was our European Whirl with Trafalgar Travel Director Bern. What was the highlight of the 12-day tour and why did you choose this one?

Bern was a bubbly knowledgeable tour guide with an inexhaustible supply of energy! She handled every detail and problem in a professional manner with seemingly a degree of ease. The highlight of my most recent trip was the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany. This was my main reason for booking this tour!

Another highlight was receiving a personal phone call from Mr. Gavin B. Tollman, President of The Travel Corporation, thanking me for all my past trips and tours with Trafalgar and its subsidiaries. He also thanked me for being patient with my canceled or postponed trips (due to the pandemic). I actually own Bea Tollman’s [wife of Trafalgar founder, Stanley Tollman] cookbook, a gift while on Trafalgar’s Vietnam and Cambodia tour.

How do you think travel has changed you or your perspective?

Travel has indeed broadened my perspective of life. After watching how those from other cultures live, work, and try to overcome daily obstacles I am truly grateful for all that I have and am able to do.

Where else is on your bucket list?

On my bucket list is to travel to Japan and East Asia. I’d also love to return again and again to Europe.

Do you have any tips for others eager to Go Guided?

Anyone who wants to travel more, I suggest you research your dream destinations in detail. Then compare travel companies, the dates of tours, prices, and itineraries available.

I suggest fellow travelers take their most physically challenging trips while they are in a good physical state. But also, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It’s what keeps you young.

Anything else you’d like to add about touring?

“Life is a journey, travel well.” 

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