5 Reasons to Go Guided – What Modern Guided Tours Offer Travelers in 2022

For more reasons than we can count, guided tours are one of the best ways to travel. Modern guided tours give travelers a complete travel and vacation experience by making sure you get the most out of your travels without having to worry about things like transportation, language barriers, or finding the best things to do in your destination.

Here are the top reasons to make your next vacation a guided travel vacation.

1. Guided tours bring you closer to the destination

Perhaps most importantly, a guided tour brings you closer to the history, culture, and people of your destination than other forms of travel. Your tour guide is there to connect you to the destination. Most tour guides are passionate and experienced and are there to give you the complete story of your destination, from local history, folk tales, and knowledge of the community. They can help overcome language barriers and even recommendations for things like places to eat. Serving as your personal connection, tour guides can give you the level of insight that travelers crave and can be difficult to find in other forms of travel.

2. Skip the FOMO, not the fun

You’ve always dreamed of visiting Paris. The Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower are must-sees. However, what will you see on the rest of your trip? What is the best bistro that’s beloved by local Parisians? And what is the best way to get around? Especially when it’s your first time traveling to a new place, it can be difficult to know the best ways to spend your time.

A guided tour makes sure you’re not missing out. Your itinerary is built to be jam-packed with the best sites and sounds, both on and off the beaten path, in the best logistical way. Tour itineraries are crafted by experienced experts, often with decades of knowledge of the destination behind them. For example, AAA Member Choice Vacations itineraries use over 100 years of experience in to give unique and compelling travel experiences in destinations around the globe.

3. Get authentic experiences, easily

Modern tours have a variety of inclusions specifically intended to bring you face-to-face with the local community and their culture. Rather than visits to tourist traps on your tour, you’ll find unique opportunities to engage with your destination that you typically can’t find elsewhere, like dining with multi-generational family owners of an Italian vineyard or overnight stays in historic Irish castles. If you want to get experiences like this, you need to consider a guided tour, as they can be difficult to arrange otherwise.

For example, AAA Member Choice Vacations’ ever-popular Reflections of Italy tour includes experiences like a chef-led cooking class and lunch in a historic castle!

4. The balance of structure and flexibility

Today’s guided tours give travelers both exciting daily events, meals, lodging, and transportation, all while guaranteeing flexibility to explore as one pleases. On most days, you’ll have a few scheduled events, but also built-in free time. This means you will still have the opportunity to wander scenic backstreets, visit the restaurant you researched online, or take advantage of your tour guide’s tips for other sights. Plus, with lodging and transportation are taken care of, you are free from the hassle and worry of planning how to get around on your trip.

Many tour itineraries are offered completely custom, meaning you are able to work with the tour manager and your travel agent to plan all of the stops and experiences you want with their expertise. Want to extend your tour? Many providers offer pre or post-night stays, extensions, and other custom excursions. for example, many AAA Member Choice Vacations tours offer It’s Your Choice excursions, where tourgoers can pick two or more available excursions according to their tastes.

Plus, there are so many itineraries to choose from, each offering a different flavor of the destination and unique type of tour experience. You are sure to find the tour that will deliver the kind of experience you are looking for, no matter the destination. AAA Member Choice Vacations offers 175 tours for you to choose from across all seven continents and five tour styles!

5. Friends that last a lifetime

Nothing brings people together like travel. On a guided tour, you will explore a new and beautiful place, discover new favorite foods, and leave your comfort zone in the dust with your fellow tour-goers. You are sure to form bonds over these unique, unforgettable, and special experiences. At AAA Travel, it is far from uncommon to hear that our members become friends for a lifetime after their guided tour. It’s often cited as the best part of their travels!

Recently, AAA member Sheyna Medina went on a guided tour of the Western USA’s National Parks. She told us that at the beginning of the tour, she and her group felt like strangers, but ended the trip as friends. In fact, she told us that “These people truly felt like family that week!”. You can read more about her experience here.

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