Explorations From Home, Episode 8: “The Big Easy” and “Bella Roma” Cuisine

Explorations From Home, Episode Eight: “The Big Easy” vs “Bella Roma”

New Orleans is a city with rich history steeped in the myriad of cultures that have found a new home here. Tours include Jackson Square and the Treme neighborhood and include City Park. In this episode, we dive deep into the flavors found in the New Orleans culinary scene, with a warm café au lait in hand.

BUT, not to be outdone- Italy is home to some of the most famous cuisine in all the world.  Here, Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold step into the kitchen to teach us a popular Italian dish, and a favorite glass of “refreshment.”

So join AAA Travel as we enjoy a look at flavors of “The Big Easy” and “Bella Roma.”

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