Viking Cruise

You’re about to discover the most convenient way to see the world. On a Viking ship, you will sail into the heart of your destination, so you can explore up close and in-depth. The most cosmopolitan cities developed along the rivers, the world’s first trade routes. From iconic “must-sees” like Paris, Amsterdam and Budapest to quaint villages and towns waiting to be discovered, a river provides you easy access to savor the delights of both. But Viking also brings ocean experiences and has now released a line of expedition-style voyages. Let AAA Travel find the right cruise for you.

Viking River Cruise

River cruising is where it all began for Viking, the small ship experts. More than 20 years ago, Vikings groundbreaking approach to river cruising set the standard, and they continue to lead. Viking takes you closer to your destination with large, expansive windows, and the ability to dock in the heart of small towns. Every detail on board a Viking ship is designed to enrich and enhance your travel experience, helping you fully immerse yourself in the rich cultures you are visiting. From our thoughtfully curated Library and the insights of our guest lecturers to regional cuisine and vintages from your destinations, Viking helps you connect to your destination in every possible way.

The Viking Way® of exploration takes you deeper, offering behind-the-scenes insights and opportunities. While we include the expected and iconic, such as visits to renowned museums and notable landmarks, we also work hard to offer Local Life, Working World and optional Privileged Access® experiences in places otherwise difficult to visit.

Sailing through the heart of cities and landscapes with Viking River Cruises, you’ll see things differently. You’ll get closer to iconic landmarks, to local life, to culture treasures. It’s a feeling that only a river can give you, that only Viking can give you. These are journeys that will forever change your perspective on the world and perhaps even yourself.

Viking Ocean Cruise

Everything you love about Viking River Cruises has been applied to their larger ocean liners. What you won’t find are casinos, passengers under the age of 18, ‘boat drinks’ or a ‘nickel and dime’ service team. 2022 itineraries are here, and AAA Travel can help you plan your voyage.

Viking Ocean Cruise 2022-2023 Calendar

Introducing, Viking Expedition

Antarctica: It is a profound experience to set eyes upon Antarctica for the first time. Breathtaking vistas, otherworldly wildlife and the journey itself leave an indelible mark on visitors. Here is a land of paradoxes: the world’s biggest desert that is also the world’s largest ice sheet, nearly two miles thick. Virtually unexplored just 150 years ago, this continent belongs to no nation, and is protected by an international treaty for peaceful scientific pursuit.

The Artic: Explore the top of the world and experience the stark beauty of the Arctic, where polar bears reign and blue ice floats serenely on the horizon. Here it is silent and still one moment, a cacophony of migrating birds, barking seals and crackling icebergs the next. From the seas surrounding Svalbard—a far northern Norwegian archipelago of frozen tundra, dramatic fjords and remote human settlements—witness this world awakening from winter slumber to the midnight sun.

Grand Voyages: From the Caribbean and Brazilian coast to Northern Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean, our new, purpose-built expedition ships provide the means to discover these destinations as never before. Our experienced Expedition Team and Viking Resident Scientists provide enrichment, and guests can participate in a range of included excursions from kayaking and RIB cruising to submarine dives and nature hikes. Onboard enrichment lectures, Laboratory and citizen science programs further enable discovery and immersion.

Welcome back to the world.

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