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Vincent Mussolino

Vincent is a AAA Travel Agent at Our Oneonta branch in New York.

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About Vincent

Favorite destination


Why is that your favorite destination?

I have traveled to Europe about 25 times, for pleasure and for business. From back packing and sleeping in hostels, on trains, to private homes, VRBO rentals and luxury hotels. I never get tired of it, and with borders being so close from country to country, you encounter a completely different culture with each border crossing. The history, the food, the beauty. I lived in London, and I also travelled behind the historic Iron Curtain to the former Yugoslavia where I befriended college students my age and played guitar and sang Western Songs for them.

What destination is on your bucket list?

That list is long. If I have to pick one place, I would say Africa. Tanzania and Kenya.

Why is that destination on your bucket list?

That continent has held a fascination for me since I was a child. The wildlife, the scenery, the mystery, the legend, and Tarzan when I was a child.

What destinations have you visited?

Denmark, England, Canada, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, The Vatican (Yes, it is its own municipality), Italy, Sicily, Yugoslavia (Now Croatia and Serbia), Slovenia, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Monaco, Iceland, Puerto Rico, St Kitts, Mexica (Rivera Maya), Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and all of the US States except, Alaska, and The Dakota’s. Lived in London, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cinncinati, and Martha's Vineyard (mostly doing theatre in those places)

Why should someone book their vacation with you?

I love planning trips, and it is so enjoyable to help people plan their journey. I enjoy travel, so helping others choose their adventures is wonderful. I enjoy sharing what I know about the places I have been and what to expect, and I am also very curious; so I make sure to know all about the destinations and interests of my clients. What do they want from their trip? I want ti plan a perfect experience for them.

What travel industry certifications have you earned?

Certifications with the major Cruise Lines, College of Disney Knowledge, Universal Orlando Resort, Rental Car Certifications, and certified to have been in loads of travel situations over my years of travel and survived. That counts for something.

Are you fluent in a language other than English? If so, what other language(s) do you speak?

I'm not fluent, but I know enough Italian to possibly cause and international incident.

One thing you’d like our members to know about you?

I'm originally from Western Maryland, and I spent almost every weekend on my Grandparents farm across the Potomac River in West Virginia. I love to laugh, and I like to learn, and I'm tremendously curious by nature. I started my career in the theatre and I have worked as a professional actor, singer, and director. I play guitar and sing. Ask me how I ended up having dinner with Stevie Wonder and singing with him while he played the piano. I have been told many times that I should have been a history professor. I love the outdoors and being in nature. I love animals. I also have a master’s degree in business and worked in institutional asset management in New York City. I'm a huge sports fan.

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