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Melissa Knechtel

Melissa is a AAA Travel Agent at our South Attleboro branch in Massachusetts.

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About Melissa

Favorite destination


Why is that your favorite destination?

The history is rich with the Greek Mythology and the ruins speak aloud for it.

What destination is on your bucket list?


Why is that destination on your bucket list?

Japan is a beautiful country, inside and out. With their great technology advances, to some of the most beautiful works of art. I have a great passion of learning the Japanese culture and history.

What destinations have you visited?

Currently I have visited 13 of the 50 United States, with living in 11 of those states. Once my daughter turns 8, her and I will explore the world together. Few more years to go, but it will be well worth the wait.

Why should someone book their vacation with you?

Learning about the world has always been a passion of mine. Even though I lack the first had experience of touching foreign soil with my own two feet. I have studied each country and all of their own individual marvels long before I entered the travel world. With working with my members, I listen to their hearts and help them achieve their traveling desires. One day I will have the first hand experience, but right now I get to live these wonderful trip through them.

What travel industry certifications have you earned?

Are you fluent in a language other than English? If so, what other language(s) do you speak?

Currently studying the Spanish language

One thing you’d like our members to know about you?

I have a passion for rock & gem collecting. After becoming a certified diamondologist, I realized working in a jewerly shop wasn't for me. My new passion is collecting rock & gemstones from across the globe.

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