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Lisa Finnegan

Lisa is a AAA Travel Agent at Newburyport, MA in Massachusetts.

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About Lisa

Favorite destination


Why is that your favorite destination?

I love animals and the conservation of wildlife. When I'm on safari, it's so easy to disconnect from the world around me and become immersed in the country I'm visiting. Wide open vistas...stunning wildlife...the African sky at night is AMAZING...the people, food and culture. There is no other place like it!

What destination is on your bucket list?

Still so many, but New Zealand is at the top!

Why is that destination on your bucket list?

I've been fascinated by New Zealand for years, specifically the South Island. The culture, scenery, people, hiking, food, wildlife!

What destinations have you visited?

I've been in the travel business for 35 years and have been fortunate enough to travel extensively over the years:So. Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Croatia, Montenegro, Russia, Jordan, Dubai, Turkey, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Bali, Japan, So. Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, most of the Caribbean and Mexico, Bermuda, Eastern Canada and most of the continental US and Hawaii.

Why should someone book their vacation with you?

I am well-traveled and know my business inside out. My attention to detail, enthusiasm and general love of all things travel! I get excited about my clients' trips and love to hear about them when they return.

What travel industry certifications have you earned?

Safari Specialist, Aruba Specialist, Silversea Cruises Specialist, Hyatt Hotels, Fairmont Hotels

Are you fluent in a language other than English? If so, what other language(s) do you speak?

Unfortunately, no. I know a bit of French and Spanish, but certainly not fluent.

One thing you’d like our members to know about you?

I have a degree in Illustration, love art of all kinds and paint in my spare time.

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